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Terms and Conditions

AnwigemA BV

AnwigemA BV manages and operates:

  • Design rights in Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Turkey, South-Korea and the United States of America
  • Dutch patent: PCT request was made for international requests
  • All knowledge concerning the design and intellectual property of AnwigemA BV, Ing. G.J. Bilkert, the Trieadrieame project and the Trimonoran (International Copyright, Patent and Industrial Design law)
  • Full rights concerning exploitation of the Trieadreame project and the Trimonoran

Licences can be granted to ship architects, yacht architects, manufacturers, suppliers and/or builders.
Licence fees are available per (series of one) product

AnwigemA BV reserves the right to negotiate terms and conditions for each licence to be granted. In any case the following eligibility requirements must be met to obtain a licence:

The final product must comply with international regulations and/or legislation as directed by AnwigemA BV to set additional safety requirements

All expertise and new products resulting from use or application of the licence are property of AnwigemA BV, and must be transferred to AnwigemA BV immediately after creation if necessary and possible

All costs concerning berths, maintenance, storage, insurance, etc. are and will remain at the expense of the licensee or his (legal) successor(s)

Licences endorsed by or on behalf of licensed entities can only be transferred to customers if the the following requirements are met:

  1. The licensee’s final product has been sold to the buyer for at least a cost-covering purchase price
  2. All outstanding claims by AnwigemA BV on the licensee have been met, including expressly, but not exclusively, the licence fees due and payable

Agreements with AnwigemA B.V. will only be made in writing.

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