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Our mission is to deliver the perfect hull design to the world

With this innovative ship hull for sailing and motor yachts, AnwigemA BV and Ing. G.J. (Jelle) Bilkert are introducing you to the future in recreational and professional sailing.

Jelle Bilkert knew he was on to something when the idea came to him of a trihull that, among other things, would be safer, more stable and more economical. He realised how big the impact on the shipbuilding community would be. He sketched the outlines, talked to experts and funded the research. A tremendous job, but this was just the beginning.

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Foundation for the Coordination of Maritime Research saw the potential and the benefits of the preliminary new hull. They strongly believed in the project and granted subsidies for research and development. MARIN, the world-renowned Maritime Research Institute in the Netherlands, made 1:5 scale models and carried out tests in their deep water towing tank.  Results were very promising.
The concept resulted in a comfortable hull for great stability and safety, less water resistance (efficiency!), little draft and a large deck space for professional and recreational use. When used in a motor vessel, the hull helped saving fuel, which is a major improvement to the vessel and a necessity for our environment. Apart from money being saved, another hot topic is of course the contribution of the hull design to sustainability.

Later on, Dutch Naval Architect Van Oossanen developed and optimised the design for Jelle Bilkert, using state of the art computer simulation programs (CFD).
Van Oossanen presented a final report containing conclusions which meant a green light for the trihull dream. Just like Jelle had imagined it. That was the moment the Trieadrieame project was born.

To exploit the innovative design, AnwigemA BV was brought to life, which focused primarily on the Trieadrieame (try a dream) project. The company applied for model protection and a design patent, which was quite an investment! But it shows how much faith they have in their Trieadrieame project. AnwigemA BV obtained international model protection and NL patent for the hull design (project Trieadrieame) and this trihull is called Trimonoran.

It’s AnwigemA’s mission to promote and exploit the Trieadrieame project. They know very well that it takes courage and dedication to do this in the world of shipbuilding. A bad economy resulted in hesitating investors. People with daring projects had to fight hard for funding. And funding a completely new hull concept including the research that comes with it is a costly business for AnwigemA BV. Sponsors are welcome! 

During the years to come especially, sustainability will be an issue. So the time is right for the Trieadrieame project. While the world emphasizes on economical use of natural resources and less pollution, saving an astonishing 30% on fuel is more than welcome. And this is just one benefits of the Trieadrieame project. The Trimonoran is the most innovative hull design in years. It truly changes the way we look at hulls for professional and for recreational use.
On a lake, a river, a sea or an ocean, wherever… This trihull enables you to sail safely, comfortably and more economically than the competition.

We know that it's a real challenge to change the mindset and introduce a game changing design, but that’s what AnwigemA’ is aiming for: presenting a perfect hull design to the world.

The demand for safer and more efficient vessels is increasing, Now is the perfect time to implement the Trieadrieame project, in the shape of the Trimonoran.

The time is right, the design is ready..., so the question is: Are you?

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